Play-based preschools offer a unique learning experience that is fun, engaging, and includes activities relevant to children of different ages.

Play-based preschools are important in Istanbul because they allow children to voice their education. They learn primarily through play at these schools and enjoy the freedom to move throughout the day.

The 5 best play-based preschools in Istanbul include: Günbaşı Şehitlik Anadolu Lisesi (Günbaşı), İstanbul Sütçü İmam Kindergarten (İstiklal Caddesi), Bağdat Caddesi Preschool (Bağdat Caddesi), Şile Dolguzade Zafer , Beylikdüzü Anaokulu Bahar Erdem

What’s the difference between preschool and daycare?

Preschools are educational institutions that offer a range of play-based activities. These centers arrange for exploring, learning, and improving skills to children in environments that are safe, fun, and educational. On the other hand, Daycares aims to provide care and primary education to the children who need it to get an education or help them develop skills required for future jobs.

Play-based preschools allow children to explore their natural curiosity while learning skills such as numeracy and literacy. Play-based preschools also focus on social development through learning how to share with others and learning about what is appropriate behavior. On the other hand, daycares have a more traditional role: they teach children how to read, write, count, etc.

The Benefits of Play-Based Preschools for Children

This article discusses the importance of early education and its impact on a child’s development. It also talks about the various benefits that children experience in preschools, such as higher academic performance, improved social and emotional development, increased self-esteem, positive results with behavior and cognitive skills, healing effects of play, etc.

The article also explores how parents can be more aware of what preschool is really for their child and what type of school is appropriate.

The Top  Indoor and Outdoor Preschools in Istanbul to Take Your Child’s Education to the Next Level

Istanbul has more than 1200 preschools. So which ones should you go to? Is it just a matter of choosing the one with the best reputation, or do you need to look at your child’s personality?

Nowadays, parents are looking for the best school and the most suitable schools that will teach their children creatively and engagingly. This article would like to present some options for parents who want their preschool to be top-notch and interactive.

How does a Play-Based Preschool Work? – The Different Forms of Play and Their Importance for Children

There are many ways to think of play. It can be seen as an activity used for creativity, physical development, skill development, and socialization.

The importance of preschool curriculum includes the following:

– Toddler activities:

– Physical development (e.g., toddler crawling):

– Skill development (e.g., toddler drawing):

– Socialization (e.g., toddlers are playing with other children).

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